Memorial Day Great Weather for the Desert

Memorial Day becomes a busy week in Moab – camping is particularly sought after to take advantage of the climate before the desert heat sets in. Coming last minute?, best to see if you can get accommodations first. A list is provided here.

Keep in mind everyone on vacation gets up, has breakfast and goes to Arches National Park…at the same time. Break out of this routine and go earlier or later than 10 AM – 2 PM. Use the Webcam to determine how many are lined up to enter the park. Where can you go as an alternative? Suggestions are provided here.


Thompson Springs reports vacancy for the following dates:

Arches National Park alternatives:

Drive the scenic road Hwy 128 along the Colorado River to Fisher Towers to hike there or the Amphitheater trail. Swing into Red Cliffs Lodge to visit the Film Museum or Castle Creek Winery.

Drive the scenic road Hwy 279 to stop to see and enormous panel of Rock Art, farther along are hikes too. At Poison Spider trail head, hike to Longbow Arch, the dinosaur track and a rock art panel. Past this location is the Corona Arch trail head. Several yards farther a trail starts through a huge culvert under the railroad track, affectionately called Culvert Canyon. Find passage past the pool on the right of the canyon. Still farther Jug Handle Arch can be admired from the roadside. If you have lunch along, continue to the end of the pavement to the Potash Boat Ramp where there are picnic tables and pit toilets.

If you can drive on dirt roads there are many dinosaur tracks to be seen around Moab. If you must stay on pavement, head out to the Bull Canyon tracks in the La Sal Mountains then enjoy the La Sal Mountain Loop Road as well.

Enjoy the Rock Art panels that abound around Moab. Some are on the way to other attractions, other panels are nice places to do after dinner before bedtime when you don’t want to be in a hotel room.

Also, plan a trip with a local tour company, to get on the Colorado River, dangle on a rope canyoneering or ziplining, roll along a backcountry trail by 4 wheel drive, horseback, dirt bike motorcycle, or mountain bike.



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