Lodging Availability Moab March 11 & 12 2016

Busy weekend! half marathon, Poison Spider Mtn Bike Thaw, Skinny Tire Festival, 3D Archery Shoot, Wabi Sabi Grand opening of new location, KZMU play at Star Hall 7 PM/Sat March 11 & 12.

  1. I have one condo open for March 11 & 12. All the information and booking system is on my personal website at www.moabcondos4rent.com. The unit is called Southgate 2. I would be happy to answer any questions. Rossana Walter, (435) 260-1755
  2. The LaunchPad has one room open for March 11-13 & 25-26.  eringreenley@gmail.com
  3. We still have a number of rooms available at Castle Valley Inn during these events in March.  Appreciate all referrals!!!  Thanks in advance!  Michele Johnson, Castle Valley Inn, Tel: 435-259-6012, Web:  www.castlevalleyinn.com
  4. We do have availability for the both of events  – thanks so much! Judy@redclifsslodge.com
  5. Apache Motel still has a few opening for March 11th and 12th. Sharon – manager
  6. We have very limited space during the half marathon; only a few dorm beds remaining with one group house.  Lazy Lizard Hostel, www.lazylizardhostel.com, (435) 259-6057
  7. River canyon lodge for 3/11/16 I have: 3- Single Queen rooms including handicap. 1- Double Queen.  for 3/12/16 I have: 5- Single Queen including Handicap. 1- Double Queen   Kindest Regards, Rafael Reyes G.M., River Canyon Lodge, P(435)259-8838
  8. We have 2 units available for half.  Everything else is full! Danielle, MoabRents@gmail.com
  9. We had a huge group cancel for the Half Marathon so we have multiple rooms open for that weekend. www.deserthillsbnb.com, contact email: innkeeper@deserthillsbnb.com,(435)259-3568
  10. Big Horn Lodge, 800-325-6171 / 435-259-6171     March 11-12 – Available
  11. For the Half Marathon weekend we have a total of 28 units available. Ranging in occupancy size from 2-8 people. Moab Property Management, Lodging (435) 259-5125, www.moabutahlodging.com
  12. We have 15 rooms left for March 11/12 weekend.
    Carey, Virginian Motel
  13. We have a few rooms left if you would send them our way, Tyson Lesmeister, Bowen Motel GM/Owner, 800-874-5439,  tyson@bowenmotel.com
  14. For Marathon Weekend we have a Single Queen Suite @ 99.95 plus tax and a One Bed Apartment @ 139.95 plus tax. call us at 435 259-6177 to double check availability. Megan @ The Moab Rustic Inn
  15. We have limited rooms available at the Fairfield Inn & suites Marriott. Sandy Bastian, Office:  435.259.5350
  16. Tangren House Luxury Inn, at 34 West 200 North, has availability. Operated in the B&B tradition. Call Moab Property Management directly at: 800-505-5343

Moab Half Marathon 05 - 106 (2).JPG


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