Five Ways to Unwind in Moab

Whole Enchilada Bike Trail

This is a mountain bike trail enveloping every type of riding from singletrack to a paved bike path. The scenery is mind boggling from tree line in the alpine ecosystem, through red rock canyons, into the Colorado River valley. The high country can be closed for snow, most reliable months for the trail in entirety would be July – September. The Whole Enchilada is gaining more notoriety than the famous Slickrock Trail also in Moab. This bike ride requires advanced skills. For easy or intermediate rides, has the right route for many others to unwind.

breweryMoab Brewery

A favorite watering hole in southeastern Utah, the Moab Brewery is also a packaging agency, selling full-strength Micro-Brew  to go. Red Rye IPA one of the newest releases is soon to be found in the Mix It Up 12 pack variety box. Currently 16 ounce 4-packs of Red Rye are available throughout Utah. The restaurant is family friendly with quirky interior design themes reflecting lively Moab subjects. Good eats and happy sipping.

Sorrel River Ranch & Spa

An opulent Western vacation, the Sorrel River Ranch has charming rooms, lavish spa treatments, and a farm-to-table restaurant tucked into the resplendent landscape of cliffs and canyons. Enjoy tennis, hiking, horseback riding or lounging by the riverside pool.  Unwind with a toning Cactus Wrap or yoga classes at Sorrel River Ranch & Spa.


Moab Under Canvas

Luxury camping from suites containing a hot shower and flushing toilet to Tipis with camp cots and bathrooms close by, Moab Under Canvas is not a traditional campground. It is glamorous camping or, Also-Known-As, glamping. Stays come with breakfast. Order a lunch to go for your day of adventure. Instead of room service, Moab Under Canvas has fireside provisions for do it yourself pre-prepped menus. Advance orders are required.

Canyonlands By Night

Un-Wine –d & Dine is a terrific twist on Happy Hour. The bar tender provides your beverage selection, the boat captain navigates up the Colorado River to a spot that is tranquil and as the boat drifts back to the riverside restaurant live Western entertainment is enjoyed. Once back at the dock, a Dutch oven Cowboy style dinner awaits. Typically available three times a week, plan ahead so this experience is not missed.

Find out many more activities, accommodation and restaurants available during a visit to Moab using

Get in Shape for Summertime Fun

Elasticity decreases in muscles over time. Develop a routine to stretch the muscles you use the most. Whatever summer travel lies ahead anticipate the movement most likely to be involved at your destination and begin using those muscle groups before you arrive at your destination to ward off discomfort, soreness or injury.

Skip sugary high calorie baked goods. Replace with nutrient packed juices. This is especially beneficial when aiming at travel to arid climates, where hydration is important, like touring around Moab Utah.  Check out the Peace Tree Juice Café. Forego carbonated belly bloating beverages. Swap for tea. Sun tea is easily brewed in the southeastern Utah sunshine. Place a sealed glass container, water, teabags in the window of the vehicle in the parking lot of a trail head. If you have been practicing cardio at home the hikes in Moab will be a breeze!

Speaking of hydration, institute an “appetizer” of water before eating. Drinking two cups of water before a meal helps to eat less. And eating in restaurants tends to have some yummy ingredients whereby more is eaten than is necessary. Skip the chips, wait for the main course or at lunch nibble crispy vegetables. Choose oil & vinegar dressings for salads, not the creamy ones. Lay in supplies to eat a simpler meal, rather than a restaurant meal to shed some weight.

A useful resource for restaurant selection in Moab is the Moab Menu Guide. It is a free paper publication found in the foyer of grocery stores, doorways of many shops, the lobby of hotels and offices of campgrounds. Or find it online in advance on What are the options for tea and lunch supplies in Moab? Moonflower Market, City Market, Village Market, Walker Drug Store, Hometown Shopko, Family Dollar and Dollar General will have goods.

Check out the many activities found in Moab to begin getting fit for this summer’s travels to idyllic southeastern Utah, a place for adventure and movement.

Sierra Exif JPEG
Canyonlands National Park Rock Art


Campgrounds of Moab Match Activities

With the fabulous weather camping is predominantly sought in the desert around Moab Utah. The tricky bit is determining the location for the convenient access of specific adventures. Which adventures? Mountain biking, hiking, climbing, 4-wheeling and OHV trail riding are among those.

Sand Flats Recreation area is home to the Slickrock Bike Trail and contains the Porcupine Rim Trail. Camping is limited to 9 various locations amounting to 120 individual sites. Besides the mountain biking to be had, motorized use enjoys, Hells Revenge and the Fins and Things trails. Sand Flats is attractive for the owners of OHV’s which are NOT street legal. These OHVs – UTVs/ATVs/Motorcycle trail bikes can be ridden right out of camp to the trails in Sand Flats.

Similarly, Horsethief Campground off of Hwy 313 serves OHV users desiring to ride out of camp. There is a tremendous network of trails in the region north of Moab. It is best to have maps of the area to see how all the segments mesh. Nearby is Cowboy Camp, a little spot for tent camping – no camp trailers allowed. From this Hwy 313 camp, mountain bikers can connect to the Navajo Rocks trail system, the Intrepid Trail system in Dead Horse Point State Park and/or the many routes in the Gemini Bridges area, like the Magnificent Seven and the newest Horsethief bike trail network.

For the climbers, Wall Street on Hwy 279 is a popular hang out to belay buddies. Close to the climbing are Jaycee Park and Williams Bottom camping areas. Those have nice tent camping and have the essential pit toilet for conveniently fulfilling the Leave No Trace adage. Near Big Bend Campground on Hwy 128, the Bureau of Land Management has established a proper parking area for bouldering. Find a map in Karl Kelley’s, High on Moab, the newest and all around informative climber guide including 21 challenging boulders. Drinks Canyon, Hal Canyon and Oak Grove Campgrounds would also be places to stay to be close to Big Bend Boulders.

Also on Hwy 128, consider Lower Onion Creek for camping access for rolling right out of camp to 4-wheel or OHV Onion Creek and connecting with Top of the World and Polar Mesa. Fisher Towers is best as a tent camping spot and serves up some nice hiking and climbing.

Out on Kane Creek Road, Moonflower Canyon shall have fewer walk-in tent sites. Spring Canyon walk-in tent sites out along Kane Creek Road will be closed and reclaimed.  Find additional walk-in sites added to Kings Bottom to balance out the removal of the others. Got a motorhome? Toy hauler? Head out to the Ledges camping area where there are 105 sites with access to dirt trails from camp.

Prefer a full hook-up? Make reservations with a commercial campground in Moab. Street Legal UTVs are able to drive to trails. Archview Resort is the only campground near Moab to ride an ATV out of camp and get that full hook up for an RV. North 38 miles, in Thompson Springs are hookups at the Ballard RV Park. Trails can be ridden out of there. Find out more in the Third Edition of Charles A. Wells, Guide to Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails.

Behind the Rocks is 14 miles south of Moab. Turn west off of Hwy 191. There will be no camping signs posted here.  Camping is not allowed from the turn off for about 3 miles. After that distance some sites for tent camping appear. Keep going. The first two dirt roads off to the south go to houses. Keep going. The next roads lead to a tear drop design of RV sites. The most important matter here is to have a portable toilet to use in the Behind the Rocks area. Tent campers can purchase wag-bags (a means of packing out human refuse) from the Moab Information Center. Nice trail riding out here, dappled with arches.

The Moab Information Center is teeming with area maps. Stop in to get maps or guide books to see the many trail options available in and around Moab Utah. It is located at the corner of Main and Center Street, open 7 days a week.

Arches National Park is reserved online using It sells out months in advance. No hookups. Dead Horse Point, Utah, State Park also reserves camping online. Dead Horse has electrical hookups. It too sells out months in advance. Canyonlands National Park has first come, first served camping. No OHV use allowed in the national parks of Moab.  So the parks are great for hikers especially.

When the weather is fine, camping is popular. Most important about backcountry use, enthusiasts are required to Leave No Trace, which means using portable toilets or camping in sites with pit toilets. Gathering firewood is prohibited. Bring your own or buy bundles from many shops in Moab. South town Maverick has a free dump station for RVs. Bring a hose to fill up with water from the side of the Maverick store seen from the dump station. Spanish Trail Shell can refill propane tanks and allows filling water from a faucet along the curb near where the propane is dispensed.  Again bring a hose to fill an RV. Farm and City Seed and Feed does it all, dump, water ($5 fee), and propane in one stop.

Find more camping details on or call 435-259-8825.

Bureau of Land Management Sites


Fly Private for the Cost of Commercial to Moab Utah


Shawn Simpson, the CEO of Boutique Air, announced that the FAA cleared the paperwork and Boutique Air will be starting service at the Canyonlands Airport of Moab Utah (CNY) on Wednesday 3/30/16.

Boutique Air will begin servicing air travel to and from both Salt Lake City and Denver to Moab. This will be a soft opening, with a formal kick-off in the coming days/week.

There will be one flight per day to/from Denver and two flights per day to/from SLC. Booking will be possible in the coming hours. One-way rates will range from $39 – $129 depending on day of the week, time of day, limited versus ample availability, holidays, and timing of advanced reservations versus last minute reservations.

Flight Schedule:

  • DEN to CNY: 10:00 – 11:35
  • CNY to SLC: 12:05 – 13:15
  • SLC to CNY: 13:45 – 14:40
  • CNY to SLC: 15:10 – 16:20
  • SLC to CNY: 16:50 – 17:45
  • CNY to DEN: 18:15 – 19:30




Memorial Day Great Weather for the Desert

Memorial Day becomes a busy week in Moab – camping is particularly sought after to take advantage of the climate before the desert heat sets in. Coming last minute?, best to see if you can get accommodations first. A list is provided here.

Keep in mind everyone on vacation gets up, has breakfast and goes to Arches National Park…at the same time. Break out of this routine and go earlier or later than 10 AM – 2 PM. Use the Webcam to determine how many are lined up to enter the park. Where can you go as an alternative? Suggestions are provided here.


Thompson Springs reports vacancy for the following dates:

Arches National Park alternatives:

Drive the scenic road Hwy 128 along the Colorado River to Fisher Towers to hike there or the Amphitheater trail. Swing into Red Cliffs Lodge to visit the Film Museum or Castle Creek Winery.

Drive the scenic road Hwy 279 to stop to see and enormous panel of Rock Art, farther along are hikes too. At Poison Spider trail head, hike to Longbow Arch, the dinosaur track and a rock art panel. Past this location is the Corona Arch trail head. Several yards farther a trail starts through a huge culvert under the railroad track, affectionately called Culvert Canyon. Find passage past the pool on the right of the canyon. Still farther Jug Handle Arch can be admired from the roadside. If you have lunch along, continue to the end of the pavement to the Potash Boat Ramp where there are picnic tables and pit toilets.

If you can drive on dirt roads there are many dinosaur tracks to be seen around Moab. If you must stay on pavement, head out to the Bull Canyon tracks in the La Sal Mountains then enjoy the La Sal Mountain Loop Road as well.

Enjoy the Rock Art panels that abound around Moab. Some are on the way to other attractions, other panels are nice places to do after dinner before bedtime when you don’t want to be in a hotel room.

Also, plan a trip with a local tour company, to get on the Colorado River, dangle on a rope canyoneering or ziplining, roll along a backcountry trail by 4 wheel drive, horseback, dirt bike motorcycle, or mountain bike.


Jeep Safari March 18-27 2016 Rooms Available

campout3 - 257

During Jeep Safari, these places have availability.

Reservations of campgrounds sold out on January 20th. Camping is going to be crazy busy. Extra law enforcement has been hired to keep visitors from bushwhacking new sites. Toilets are required for all backcountry camping. State Lands are opened the Old Airport for camping (free). Again portable toilets are required.

By the way Jeep Safari at Old Spanish Trail Arena has the Expo open on Thursday 7 AM – 8 PM and Friday 7 AM – 6 PM (March 24 & 25). Look at page 58 of the Safari paper to see trails closed on which days for the exclusive use of Jeep Safari participants. There are ample alternatives, reduce frustration by planning ahead with that list on page 58.

During Jeep Safari, these places have availability.

Local Businesses please email to include any availability updates.

EJS 1-6

EJS 7-15ejs 16-19

20. Launchpad had a Queen/private bath open for March 20-23

21. Silver Sage Inn has three 1 bed Queen left for Safari week. 435-259-4420.

22. UP the Creek Campground just got cancellations for March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 435-260-1888


Lodging Availability Moab March 11 & 12 2016

Busy weekend! half marathon, Poison Spider Mtn Bike Thaw, Skinny Tire Festival, 3D Archery Shoot, Wabi Sabi Grand opening of new location, KZMU play at Star Hall 7 PM/Sat March 11 & 12.

  1. I have one condo open for March 11 & 12. All the information and booking system is on my personal website at The unit is called Southgate 2. I would be happy to answer any questions. Rossana Walter, (435) 260-1755
  2. The LaunchPad has one room open for March 11-13 & 25-26.
  3. We still have a number of rooms available at Castle Valley Inn during these events in March.  Appreciate all referrals!!!  Thanks in advance!  Michele Johnson, Castle Valley Inn, Tel: 435-259-6012, Web:
  4. We do have availability for the both of events  – thanks so much!
  5. Apache Motel still has a few opening for March 11th and 12th. Sharon – manager
  6. We have very limited space during the half marathon; only a few dorm beds remaining with one group house.  Lazy Lizard Hostel,, (435) 259-6057
  7. River canyon lodge for 3/11/16 I have: 3- Single Queen rooms including handicap. 1- Double Queen.  for 3/12/16 I have: 5- Single Queen including Handicap. 1- Double Queen   Kindest Regards, Rafael Reyes G.M., River Canyon Lodge, P(435)259-8838
  8. We have 2 units available for half.  Everything else is full! Danielle,
  9. We had a huge group cancel for the Half Marathon so we have multiple rooms open for that weekend., contact email:,(435)259-3568
  10. Big Horn Lodge, 800-325-6171 / 435-259-6171     March 11-12 – Available
  11. For the Half Marathon weekend we have a total of 28 units available. Ranging in occupancy size from 2-8 people. Moab Property Management, Lodging (435) 259-5125,
  12. We have 15 rooms left for March 11/12 weekend.
    Carey, Virginian Motel
  13. We have a few rooms left if you would send them our way, Tyson Lesmeister, Bowen Motel GM/Owner, 800-874-5439,
  14. For Marathon Weekend we have a Single Queen Suite @ 99.95 plus tax and a One Bed Apartment @ 139.95 plus tax. call us at 435 259-6177 to double check availability. Megan @ The Moab Rustic Inn
  15. We have limited rooms available at the Fairfield Inn & suites Marriott. Sandy Bastian, Office:  435.259.5350
  16. Tangren House Luxury Inn, at 34 West 200 North, has availability. Operated in the B&B tradition. Call Moab Property Management directly at: 800-505-5343

Moab Half Marathon 05 - 106 (2).JPG

2016 Winter Guided Activities in Moab Utah

Look at all the Winter Activities!

Please note, tours are based on conditions. Businesses have alternative itineraries and reasonable cancellation policies in winter.

Use to see real time road conditions across Utah. Just click a camera along your planned drive. Likely to find this information with each state’s Department of Transportation too.

Hikes and Photography tours

  • Deep Desert Expeditions

Jeep and Hiking tours

  • Tag-A-Long Expeditions

Hummer tours, National Park Tours, Fiery Furnace hikes

  • Moab Adventure Center
  • Backcountry Jeep trips in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks
  • Adrift Adventures

Arches and Island in the Sky tours

  • PRI/Moab Geo Tours

Four Wheel Drive tours

  • Xtreme 4×4

Hummer and ATV Tours and Rentals

  • Highpoint Hummer

ATV Tours and Rentals

  • Moab Tour Company
  • Moab Cowboy Off-Road Adventures

Rock Climbing and Canyoneering

  • Red River Adventures
  • Moab Desert Adventures


  • Spanish Valley Vineyards

By appointment, 801 520 5029 Curt cell; 801 419 9470 Alesia cell


  • Moab Film Museum
  • Moab Giants
  • Museum of Moab

Mountain Bike Tours

  • Magpie Cycling
  • Moab Mountain Bike Instruction
  • Rim Tours
  • Dreamrides

Horseback Riding

  • Backcountry Trail Rides
  • Global Endurance Center

Scenic flights

  • Redtail Aviation


  • Rim Cyclery has x-country touring skis for rent.
  • GearHeads has snowshoes for rent.
  • Pagan Mountaineering has ice axes, crampons, snow shoes, and poles for rent.

Memorial Day Weekend has a Short List of Remaining Accommodations

Memorial Day Lodging Availability in Moab is Limited

The report from emailing all of Moab’s lodging/camping possibilities amounts to this:

1. We have Double Queens or Single Kings for $169.95+tax per night for all of those nights.
Moab Valley Inn

2. Big Horn Lodge
Limited rooms available May 22, 23, 24

3. A few rooms still available at Silver Sage Inn starting Friday the 22nd.  Latest availability is online at or call (435) 259-4420.

Silver Sage Inn
840 S. Main Street
Moab, UT 84532
Tel: (435) 259-4420
Fax: (435) 259-2347

4. During that time period Sorrel River Ranch shows the following availability:

May 22nd:
1 Mountain View Regular King
1 ADA Mountain View King
5 Mountain View Deluxe Kings
4 Mountain View Regular Queens
2 ADA Mountain View Queens
1 River View Deluxe King
5 River View Balcony Suites
3 River View Deluxe Queens
1 Mountain View Family Suite
4 River View Family Suites

May 23rd:

May 24th:
Our Ranch House is also available on this day.

Thank you.
–Ryan Wagner Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa
T: 435.259.4642
TF: 877.317.8244
F: 435.259.3016
HC 64 Box 4002 Highway 128 Mile 17
Moab, UT 84532

435 259 5951


As of today we do have a few rooms available with either one king bed or two queen beds for memorial day weekend.  The rate will be $199.00 plus tax.
Thank You

So we have 4 rooms left at our new location “100 West” for only the 22nd of May as of today, April 25th, 2015! They are individual Cabins that come with a kitchenette (mini fridge, microwave, sink and a single cup coffee maker), TV, free WIFI, a shared hot tub and we are also pet friendly. Each room has 1 queen bed and a bunk bed and the rate for one night is $136.00 plus tax!

Kokopelli Lodge

Kokopelli Lodgings
72 S. 100 E.
Moab, UT 84532

8. We have a single king room for $229 and a 2 queen ADA accessible suite for $239 plus 13.6% taxes for the 22nd alone. We are sold out the 23rd and 24th. Let me know if you need any other information or would like to make reservations.

Kaycee Sommers
Assistant General Manager

Moab Hampton Inn
488 North Main Street
Moab, Utah  84532
(435)259-3030 ph
(435)259-3035 fx

Guest Houses:
1. Whispering Oaks Ranch

One Bedroom Cabin available May 22nd.
Four Bedroom Cabins available May 22nd.

Alex Purvis
Whispering Oaks Ranch

1. Sunflower Hill Luxury Inn
May 22 – sold out
May 23 – 3 rooms available ($211-$251 per night + taxes)
May 24 – sold out

Sunflower Hill Inn
Tel. 435-259-2974
Reservations: 800-662-2786

2. We still have the cancellation in the Wingate room ($155/nht) available.  Please help us fill it if your full:)

Jason & Jeanette
Castle Valley Inn
(435) 259-6012

3. Tangren House Luxury Inn has 5 rooms available for May 22, 23, 24.  Four of the rooms have queen beds and sleep 2 each. The other room is a 2-room suite that can sleep up to 4. There is a King bed and a futon sofa in the 2-room suite.
Our website is The Innkeeper can be reached directly at 435-210-4374, or at the business phone 435-355-0367.


1. Spanish Trail RV Park
May 19, 20, and 21st
1-Full hook up, pull thru site available with 30 & 50 AMP (45’- M.H, 5th wheels & Travel Trailers)
5-Full hook up, pull-in, back-out sites with 30AMP only (Small RV’s Only 30’ max.)

2. Yes we have some RV sites, Tent sites and couple cabins available for those dates.
Thank You Slickrock Campground
1301 N Hwy 191
800-448-8873 | 435-259-7660
3. Currently ACT Campground has

Friday    22                           Sat  23                                   Sunday 24

2 RV Sites                            5 RV Sites                            5 RV Sites
6 Rooms                               No rooms                            No Room
6 Tents                                 No Tents                              2 Tents

Thank you!
ACT Campground

We have one nighters in all different spots, depending on the size of your RV.

Riverside Oasis
Campground and RV Park
1871 North Highway 191
Moab Utah 84532
877-285-7757 (toll-free in USA)

we only have tent sites available. The rate starts at $36.00 plus tax per site.

Warm regards,
Your friendly staff at
Canyonlands RV Resort & Campground